3 best things to do in Ben Tre, Vietnam

Ben Tre is located in the end of Mekong River and is a peaceful and poetic destination with shaded villages’ paths and immense orchards. In addition, it is also known with name Land of Coconut due to abundance of coconut gardens. Therefore, for any visit to Ben Tre, 3 best things for what to do in Ben Tre Vietnam are wonderful experiences to explore these characteristics of the destination.

1. Stroll fruit gardens

Thanks to having complex network of rivers and canals, Ben Tre has many advantages to develop ecotourism with many green fruit gardens. There are various agriculture productions in this land such as rice, corn, pineapple, custard-apple, star apple, durian, mango, longan, and many more.


Strolling fruit gardens is an interesting experience in Ben Tre

Some famous fruit gardens in Ben Tre are Cai Mon, Tien Long, Tan Phu Fruit Gardens. You will be seen and explored the immense fruits gardens. Addition, you can enjoy specialties of Ben Tre countryside such as chicken soup, oyster soup, snail pancake and so on.

2. Visit coconut candy workshops

Coconut candy is one of the most popular candies in Vietnam and is a specialty in Ben Tre Province, where is the homeland of coconut. The locals produce coconut candy in a very simple way. Fresh grated coconut is squeezed to obtain coconut milk and then mixed with sugar, and finally boiled until the soft crack stage. Immediately, the producers have to cut it into thin strips and continue to cut these thin strips into the smaller pieces of candy because candy will be sticky when it cools. The final products are coconut candies with a nice shine and nutty flavor. Besides, when producing coconut candy, they are usually mixed with durian or pandan leave flavor or roasted peanut to create a special flavor.


Tourists should not miss chance to visit coconut candy workshops in Ben Tre

Visiting coconut candy workshops, you will have chances to see the local produce candy, and eat few hot candies, tastier very much compared to packaged candies. Moreover, you can buy many kinds of coconut candy back to gift.

3. Explore Ben Tre Market

Ben Tre Market is an excellent example of a typical Vietnamese wet market. If you are considering what to do in Ben Tre, Ben Tre Market will be an ideal spot serving the need of shopping, entertaining and cultural exchanging of local and international tourists coming to the land of coconut.


Ben Tre Market at night

In Ben Tre Market, you can find many famous coconut candy flavors and other products made from coconut such as coconut oils, coconut wine, coconut jelly, coconut soaps, and handicraft items.

Ben Tre is an exotic destination for those who would like to explore an abundant of tropical plants and busy villages on waters. Surely, 3 best things to do in Ben Tre above will bring wonderful and memorable experiences during your trip in this land.




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