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When traveling in any country, in addition to breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine is also an attractive thing to all tourists. Therefore, for almost tourists, spending time learning about culinary culture of a country before coming there is an important step to prepare for their tour. Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia owning a diverse and unique cuisine. Not only beautiful nature but charming dishes of this country also satisfy tourists.

Vietnamese culinary culture is associated with culture, tradition and spirit of the local people. Each meal of Vietnamese people is perfect combination of five fundamental taste elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The similarity of Vietnamese culinary culture stretching along the S-shaped land is the harmonious mix of tropical spices, following the principle of yin and yang. However, Vietnamese culinary culture has a lot of differences from region to region, from north to south, creating the diversity in Vietnamese cuisine.



Com (young green sticky rice), an indispensable flavor of Hanoi autumn

Speaking to Hanoi, many tourists usually mention to numerous stunning landscapes like Hoan Kiem Lake, One Pillar Pagoda, The Temple of Literary, The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, and so on. However, it will be a big shortcoming without mentioning…


Best dishes to try in Hoian

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Must-eat local food in Sapa

The northwest mountainous region in Vietnam, particular in Sapa, has a diversity of local food, making diverse culinary culture of ethnic minority groups living here. Visiting Sapa, in addition to admiring beautiful landscapes and discovering unique customs of the locals,…


Sim wine – only found in Phu Quoc Island

The Nature has endowed Phu Quoc Island with the stretching white sand beaches, deep green coconut trees, majestic mountains along with a diversity of fresh seafood. For a trip to Phu Quoc Island, travelers have great chance to not only…


Explore Vietnamese cuisine in three regions

For Vietnamese people, cuisine is associated with culture, tradition and spirit of the locals. Each meal of Vietnamese people is perfect combination of five fundamental taste elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The similarity of Vietnamese cuisine stretching along…

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5 foods travelers should not miss in Hanoi

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5 special dishes in Ha Giang

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