Yen Duc Village, should-not-miss attraction in Halong Bay tours

Nothing can replace the unique experiences that traveling offers, even if you live in a vibrant city and have an exciting job and active social life. Visiting a foreign country opens your eyes to know how the rest of the world lives; giving you an opportunity to disconnect from your regular life, the relaxation and more. If you are finding a destination with breathtaking scenery, unique culture and friendly local people, Halong Bay in Vietnam should be on your list of destinations. And in your Halong Bay tour, you should not miss chance to visit Yen Duc Village which is rich in traditions and culture as well as beautiful landscapes.


Peaceful scenery at Yen Duc Village

Charming Yen Duc village is located on the way between Hanoi and Ha Long (it is around 70km from Hanoi and nearly 100km from Ha Long). Its special feature is that this area still remains intensely typical Vietnamese tradition with the immense rice fields, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, local pagoda, folk songs, ancient house, etc. All things prove the beauty and tranquility of a pure Vietnamese village, enabling visitors to escape hustle and bustle of modern life comprehensively.


Water puppet in Yen Duc Village


Traditional music performance at Yen Duc Village

Yen Duc Village is surrounded by mountains and Kinh Thay River with many relic sites such as: Canh Mountain, 73 Cave, Canh Huong pagoda… Especially, tourists can experience the daily life of local farmers by being real farmers with many activities: grinding rice, pounding rice, fishing with bamboo fishing trap, gardening… After the exciting experiencing, tourists will enjoy the local specialties homemade by local farmers, for example: sweet potatoes, corn, green tea… In addition, tourists can also enjoy the traditional folk songs of the northern delta of Vietnam, watch water puppetry and participate in other interesting folk games. Moreover, travel to Yen Duc Village, tourists can stay overnight in Viet houses which have unique design, imitate the traditional rural houses of Vietnam. Besides, stay at Yen Duc Village, tourists can also harvest agricultural products by themselves in the garden “of their own house” and cook delicious dishes. Travel guides – the local farmers – will directly help you during your stay here.


In Yen Duc Village, tourists can engage in many agricultural activities

Besides cruises on Halong Bay, Yen Duc Village Tour is a journey to trace back the Vietnamese countryside space with typical traditional culture. This is also a great opportunity for tourists to visit beautiful fields, ancient pagodas and other historical sites, wander in small alleys, enjoy fresh air and talking with friendly local people. Along with the natural beauty, unique culture combined with favorable geography on the way from Halong to Hanoi, Yen Duc village is potential tourist destination that will bring unforgettable experiences for visitors.

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